UPTalk with Lou Vickery - E11 - A.P. Steadham & Tami Lindsey

A. P. Steadham A sportswriter and radio show host, A.P. wrote for Bama Magazine for years, the magazine that covers the University of Alabama athletics. A.P. is one of less than 1,000 voters for the Heisman Trophy and is a member of the Football Writers of America. A.P. outlines some of the requirements for sports writing and writing in general. TAMI LINDSEY Tami Lindsey is a sports fitness trainer who has grown her business in the face of some real tragedies in your life, including the deaths of her husband and youngest son. The mother of six boys, Tami shares with our audience how she has coped with life’s toughest moments, and secondly, how to balance a career and raise a family as a single parent

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