UPTalk with Lou Vickery - E13 - Susan McCollough Artist of the year

Susan Nomberg McCollough was selected not only as “Artist of the Year” in 2017 by Art Tour International Magazine but also as one of the Top 60 Masters of Contemporary Art. She also earned the title of Best Modern/Contemporary Artist of 2015/2016/2017. Susan has produced numerous paintings, many on commission, and she has exhibited in many solo and group exhibitions across four continents. The University of Alabama commissioned her to create a painting to honor her late professor and life- long mentor, Al Sella. The painting is an impressionistic portrait of the iconic artist and his emblematic bicycle. This large portrait now hangs in the art building, Clark Hall, and it is slated to do so in perpetuity. Susan N. McCollough has served on the Art Committee at the United States Sports Academy for more than 10 years. The USSA attracts and honors artists from around the world and is solely responsible for selecting featured artists for the Olympics. She now serves not only on the committee as Artist Emeritus but also on the Board of Trustees.

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