About BLU Success Television

BLU TV, now available on Roku, Amazon Fire TV and Apple TV, is the premiere business and entertainment channel for the entrepreneur looking to stay motivated, get re-energized, or simply to glean valuable nuggets and trade secrets from their favorite top players in the industry. For the true entrepreneur, business is not only what we do to make a living, but it is our passion and obsession.

Truly successful people know that mastering a good morning routine is the foundation to prosperity. This generally consists of exercise, eating healthy, and enriching their minds through reading, listening to podcasts or lectures in order to stay sharp and be at the top of their game. BLU TV not only provides exciting and entertaining content for entrepreneurs and industry leaders, but it is the perfect daily resource to hone your current skills, develop new ones, and adopt the tools and mindset to CRUSH IT in your business and personal life!

In the world of entertainment media, there is an ever-growing demand in the market for business television and content. Especially with the popularity and success of shows like Shark Tank, The Profit, Wall Street Warriors, and others. More and more people are trying to start businesses than ever before, and consumers are hungry for an inside look into the world of business and entrepreneurship.

Start Your Day With A Good Morning Routine

With the advancement of technology and the availability of content on the internet and social media, it is easier than ever before to have a voice, be heard, or even to position yourself as an expert. However, not everyone is an actual expert, and it is because of this saturation of self proclaimed “expert advice” that leaves a person searching through a stream of endless, empty discussions in hopes of finding the keys to success.

“NEVER listen to people who ALWAYS accomplish little”
Dan Vega

The Decline of Network Television, Cable, and Satellite

Ten years ago, there was a shift among younger adults who began ditching their cable and satellite to make the leap to internet streaming on Hulu, Netflix, and YouTube. This change largely occurred due to the advancements in technology and online streaming. One popular network executive at that time said, “Kids are getting rid of their satellite and making the move to online streaming, but adults have satellite or cable.” Another major reason for the switch were the high prices and ever-growing inflation of cable and satellite companies.

Today, young and old have embraced this change. This includes everyone from blue-collar workers to professionals and executives. The reason? Well, the affordability comparison is a no-brainer, but the main reason has to do with a new behavioral change and the fast-paced world we are now living in.

Frankly, many people have stopped watching TV every day because of their busy lifestyle. When they do, they binge-watch and devour four to five episodes of their favorite show at a time. This is not only more satisfying to viewers but is more efficient and suits their schedules and the constantly changing schedules of their families.

The Titans of Today

Today, there are new players running the game; Roku, Amazon, Apple TV, Netflix and Hulu rule the world and there is no end in sight to their reign. These titans provide us exactly what we want at affordable prices and deliver it all to us at our convenience.

The Power of BLU Television

BLU Television has joint-ventured with Roku ,  Amazon and Apple to provide free premium content for entrepreneurs ,  business leaders ,  and those seeking great 



and entertaining shows that provide the perfect combination of motivation and sheer gratification through quality content. The content featured on this channel goes out to over 50 million active subscribers globally. These subscribers spend over 50 hours on average per month on Streaming, many of which are searching for business related content


It is important to understand the difference between subscribers, homes, and potential viewers. A popular television program might go out to 100 million homes, but how many are actually watching? If you consider all of the people who aren’t at home when the show airs and add in the large population of channel surfers and the loyal fans of other shows, you may not even come close to guessing how many people are actually watching at any given time.


One million viewers are considered strong ratings on cable, and eight to twelve million viewers on a network may be considered a hit show or at least be strong enough to be resigned for another season. Good Morning America remains the most-watched morning show producing a handsome 500,000 viewers per episode.


Another misconception is the power behind online views. Someone might produce valuable content online that receives 2 million views, yet their YouTube channel might only have 2,500 subscribers. As you can see, subscribers are very different than views or potential homes where your content might be seen.


When you have over 20 million subscribers, this can insure that not only a larger pool of viewers but a large army of new fans for your content, expertise, and overall body of work. One successful business speaker stated, “I made a tremendous living by presenting my content in live seminars across the country. I considered myself fortunate, since I was able to speak to groups of 300 to 500 on a regular basis. Now, I share my content on television, streaming it out to millions. This has resulted in building a much larger fanbase and platform, but more importantly, it has facilitated in making an impact in millions of people’s lives.”

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